December 11, 2018

Starting 11 December / 20 January 2018 Milan Sipek will have a couple of his works on display at the Antonia Jannone Gallery in Milano, Italy!

In approaching the nativity, thought goes to the faith that can welcome everyone. Since the early centuries the symbol of Chri...

November 22, 2018

We were commisioned to design a number of departments at the luxury Shanghai International Medical Center.

First off we worked on the new Radiology department in the sub levels of the building.

Because there is no windows or natural light in the basement, the unpleasant...

December 2, 2017

记录我亲历的手工水晶雕塑的诞生 由于工作的关系,我有十年的时间接触捷克水晶艺术家族—S

September 1, 2017

A short video about our handmade glass works at Sipek Crystal.

September 1, 2017

we would like to welcome everyone to see Dalibor Sipek's new exhibtion at the Municipal Gallery of Karlovy Vary. From September 6 - 21. See you there!

May 9, 2017

       欧洲艺术家Milan Sipek(米兰·西派克)在中国艺术界和设计界是一个非常特殊的个案,他是出生在荷兰的捷克人,来自欧洲显赫的水晶设计家族,其父Borek Sipek(博雷克·西派克)系捷克国宝级水晶大师,被誉为“新巴洛克之父”,获得过法国艺术高级骑士勋章。Milan Sipek(米兰西派克)在家族的影响下,涉足领域颇广,是室内设计师、家具设计师、灯具设计师、水晶及艺术品设计师,还开创了全球首个插件式家具品牌Morphit,创作风格独一无二,深受众多高端客户及国际级专业艺术传媒青睐。


May 8, 2017

       荷兰/捷克设计师米兰 西派克(Milan Sipek)对于艺术酒店的定义是这样的:当我们定义艺术酒店的时候,首先要搞懂艺术酒店和精品酒店的区别。精品酒店会把艺术品作为装饰的一部分,可以挂名画,放古董家具……但是艺术酒店必须要更上一个层次,设计师必须把酒店做成一个整体的艺术品,根据酒店的自然环境和建筑结构来完成原创设计,让入住的客人走进一个前所未见的艺术空间,所见所感都是新鲜的,这才是艺术酒店的核。米兰 西派克(Milan Sipek)在三亚海棠湾红树林七星度假酒店的设计就很好地诠释了艺术酒店的概念。...

January 31, 2017

A short introductory video showing the hand made Czech glass work we do at Sipek Crystal.

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