Morphit is the world’s pioneer of the new “plug in” cushioned furniture concept. The idea has changed our outlook on how to decorate use and live with furniture. The morphit concept is the creation of European designer Milan Sipek.

Morphit’s concept is as simple as it is innovative, the chair itself consist out of a solid wooden frame which is in turn made up of a series of smaller frames. The pillows or plugs are made of slow rebounding memory foam. The two combined create a furniture piece that has a form of modularity that has never before been seen in the furniture industry.

Morphit is truly a pioneering multi dimensional idea in the rather two-dimensional world of furniture.


Morphit's clever design of the frames allows for the colored cushions to be arranged so that they convey certain moods, emulate your favorite painting, or even spell out messages. By using the shapes and colors available in the cushions, people can custom creates furniture that can suit the ambiance and surroundings of the moment.

The Morphit cushions are as of now available in 20 different colors and two distinct shapes with more shapes being developed right now. This allows for morphit furniture to match itself into almost any interior or home. The cushions can be arranged to render logos or patterns for public spaces such as offices and corporate events. Service facilities such as hotel could have the option of changing the pattern day-to-day, creating a sense of new and fresh and adding to their client’s overall experience.

October 30, 2017

We just finished this new caterpillar sofa installation for a new shop in Shanghai! Our sofa system is now on display in three locations in Shanghai and across China! All the Morphit pillows can be removed and replaced endlessly for infinite combinations and patterns! The versatile frame system allows for the caterpillar to climb up wall or even twist around in free space such as this one! We look forward to the building the n...

December 26, 2016

Milan Sipek completed the interior design work for the Mangrove Tree Resort in Haitang bay, China.

Morphit furniture recently featured in the Chinese language edition of Trend Design & Living magazine.

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