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In the rolling hills of northern Bohemia, an area known for its traditional crystal production, lies Nový Bor. The capital of crystal production in the Czech Republic.  With over 200 years of varied crystal works, a tradition of hand made crystal has build its root here, with generations of crystal masters keeping it alive. Šípek Crystal is no exception to this. With three generations of renowned crystal designers, the Šípek Team has its own crystal studio and a team of crystal blowers loyal for thirty years. Lead by crystal master Ivan Kubela, Šípek Crystal is recognisable for its attention to detail and pursuit of new techniques. A design team lead by Milan Šípek and Dalibor Šípek create innovative and unique handmade crystal art works, as well as functional glassware for in your home.

Sipek Crystal Workshop

Our beautiful workshop is located in bohemian mountains in northern Czech Republic


Sipek Crystal Factory Sipek Crystal Factory

Sipek Crystal Factory

Sipek Crystal Factory


Sipek Crystal Factory

Sipek Crystal Factory Sipek Crystal Factory

Sipek Crystal Factory

Sipek Crystal Design Works

Šipek and design are commonly mentioned together in many different art forms. However, besides architecture, furniture design and many more, crystal has been a constant for generations. Working with the finest crystal, and a select team of crystal experts, The Šípek family has proven themselves innovative and creative. Always trying to find new limits of what crystal is capable of, new possibilities for design become available. This way three generations of crystal artists have managed to stay original and unique time after time again. 

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