• Milan Sipek

Exhibition in Milano

Starting 11 December / 20 January 2018 Milan Sipek will have a couple of his works on display at the Antonia Jannone Gallery in Milano, Italy!

In approaching the nativity, thought goes to the faith that can welcome everyone. Since the early centuries the symbol of Christians to be recognized and to make sure that the interlocutor was of the same faith was the fish. Elegant, silent, fascinating and sinuous figure that lives in total freedom. FISH Artists included in the exhibition are: Andrea Branzi, Sergio Cappelli and Patrizia Ranzo, Elena Carozzi, Girolamo Ciulla, Thomas Corey, Anna De Carlo, Michele De Lucchi, Giorgio Maria Griffa, Ugo La Pietra, Diane Loranchet, Livio Marzot, Alessandro Mendini, Santiago Miranda, Gaetano Pesce, Franco Raggi, Aimone Sambuy, Fabrizio Sclavi, Milan Sipek, Gianni Tamburelli, Velasco Vitali and Marco Zanuso Jr have interpreted this symbol in different colors, techniques and materials. From Andrea Branzi's aquariums to the painted nautical charts of Diane Loranchet; from the travertine sculptures of Girolamo Ciulla to the works on paper by Tom Corey, Michele De Lucchi, Giorgio Maria Griffa, Ugo La Pietra, Velasco Vitali; from the painted wallpapers by Elena Carrozzi to the resin design by Gaetano Pesce; from the Bohemian crystals of Milan Sipek to the enamelled fishes of Marco Zanuso Jr. Inhabited fish (Franco Raggi), dreamed fish (Santiago Miranda), fish object (Gianni Tamburelli), flying fish (Anna De Carlo), cosmic fish (Livio Marzot) ... an ocean of fish will surprise you. "The fish gallery taught by Antonia Jannone is a party at the rank of the symbol where every fish being is the revealer of intimate mysteries. The role of mediation that they hold is a bridge between visible and invisible. "From a glass of water for many fish by Marco Sammicheli. And an unpublished writing by Erri De Luca. Staging of Sofia Meda Catalog available in the gallery with text by Marco Sammicheli.

Find out more on the Antonia Jannone Gallery Website

About Milan Sipek's work on display:

The entire piece is made in one session which is what makes it

most impressive to me... which means there is no other materials used besides the crystal glass.

We start by blowing a very large bubble of crystal glass which we then slowly open up like a flower.

This requires a repeated process of reheating and hand shaping until the right size and shape

of the base plate is created. Our glass master then starts working on the little fish while his

assistants continue to reheat the plate to keep the temperature constant.

The little fish are a testament to the skills of our Glass Master. He shapes the body with a variety

of custom made brass tools made especially for this design. The delicate fins are added on by shaping hot

molten glass using hand tools and decades of experience.

As the glass Master completes each fish they are mounted onto the plate which is continually kept

at high temperature until all components have been added.

The entire piece is then carefully knocked off the blow pipe and carried over to the cooling ovens

which will slowly cool the piece down over a period of two days.

Provided nothing has cracked or broken up until this point the cold cutting shop puts on the

finishing touches by polishing away the rough edges of blow pipe connection point.

At the end, the entire process will have taken at least 5 days, and involved a team of at least 7 people to complete.

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