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Šípek Team: The team

The "Šípek Team" crew is made up from the most experienced and profesional glassblowers found in Czech Republic. The head of the team, Ivan Kubela, is renowned in the glass world as one of the best Czech glass masters. With techniques developed by him and his team, they have made themselves a unique unit able to handle the most challenging design brought before them. It is to no surprise that this team is also responsible for the vast majority of glass work create by the architect, designer, and artist Bořek Šípek, Who has worked together with Ivan Kubela while he was still a student at the Nový Bor Glass School. With over thirty years of experience Ivan Kubela leads a team of three skilled glassblowers, Miroslav Laurin, Petr Havlas, and Dalibor Sipek. Working with the finest Bohemian crystal in a glass studio focused on designer glass, The Šípek Team will leave you breathless time after time.

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