• Milan Sipek

Three Generations of Glass Design

Šípek Crystal presents you with new and innovative handmade bohemian crystal design, with a tradition that stems over nearly a decade and three generations of glass artists. Stationed for almost a hundred years in northern Bohemia, the glass center of Czech Republic, the Šípek/Roubícek name has spread itself all over the world over and over again. Starting with René Roubícek, one of the first Czech glass artist to ever show and work outside of Czech republic and even across the oceans, the godfather of Borek Šípek. René took Borek Šípek under his wing from a young age and opened up his mind to the beauty of glass. Borek Šípek went on to work with glass, as well as many other media, in a pursuit to awe the world with bold design. He founded his company in Amsterdam, where he fathered two sons, Milan Šípek and Dalibor Šípek. Both sons took to art from a very young age exploring as many media as possible. Every journey to Czech Republic was a treat for the sons, because they could spend time with their grandfather René, and because they could spend time in the glass factories. From a young age with awe at the beauty of the craftsmanship and design produced from Bohemian crystal, the two brothers grew up with glass in their roots. Milan Šípek studied a variety of art and design forms, and started up his own company in China. With over ten years of successful architectural and design experience, Milan Šípek is a unmissable aspect of the Šípek Crystal design team. Dalibor Šípek worked hand on in the Šípek Team glass factory as a glass blower, and has recently taken over the family company. Having learned the techniques hands on, Dalibor Šípek has learned how to play with glass from a workers view point, creating challenging designs that push the material to its limits. Milan and Dalibor Šípek always have a close eye on quality control, and great communication the glass team, ensuring great quality crystal and stunning design.

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