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Esquire Man of the Year

For the third year running, Esquire Man has held it"s "Man of the Year" award. Nominated are successful men from the Czech Republic from a variety of fields of interests. From doctors to stunt pilots to anthropologists to authors and anything in between, a fine selection of inspiring and motivating life stories. From the many nominated twenty were selected to the final round, and from them two winners became known. One selected by the Esquire readers, and the other by a select group of jury members. Amongst those selected for the jury was Dalibor Sipek, one of the head designers in the Sipek Crystal glass crew. Besides being a jury member, Dalibor Sipek was also selected to create the trophies for the winners. Since glass works is one of the oldest Czech craftsmanship, it seemed only fitting to create handmade crystal trophies. After a variety of different designs, and different approaches the final design emerged. During a quick meeting in the Sipek Team glass factory with the editor in chief Jiří Roth, the design passed. Right away the Sipek team started to produce the pieces. Very complex glass techniques with many steps and a heavy weight made for a challenging yet fun creation process. The result...A stunning and unique handmade art piece, causing big smiles on the faces of the winners. Throughout the ceremony and after party the winners where proudly parading around with their trophies, taking pictures with the other nominees and jury members. At awe and with respect towards this fine Czech craftsmanship, discussions could be heard going around trying to figure out how the piece was created, and that they hope to win one next year.

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