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International Medical Center

We were commisioned to design a number of departments at the luxury Shanghai International Medical Center. First off we worked on the new Radiology department in the sub levels of the building. Because there is no windows or natural light in the basement, the unpleasant lighting and thick concrete radiation proof walls made the space feel cavernous and unwelcoming . Milan Sipek designed an installation of sofa's and custom made light frames with smooth and organic curvatures, running along the corridor into the distance, creating a flowing visual effect. This fluidity is very important for such an enclosed basement space, it helps simulate both the flow of light and the state of vitality of the visiting patients. These dynamic, energetic and positive sensations is what the designer wants to bring to the patient.

area: 2000 sqm

completion: 2018

design: Milan Sipek

Mangrove Tree Hotel

Pudong Jiujiantang 16

Milan  Sipek  Design

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